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PDF versions of YAGS can be downloaded for free from the links below. See Downloads for the full list of rules.


YAGS is released under the GNU Public License, and as such the full set of source documentation is available, as well as the final PDFs above.

YAGS Source

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SciFi Technology

Contained here are some notes on the sort of technology available in a YAGS SciFi setting. Advancements are broken down by technology level for each type of technology.

In reality, the advancement from one stage to the next is quite fluid - hard definitions are only used here to simplify the game mechanics. In general, all else being equal, a culture that is one TL ahead of another can clearly defeat the latter in direct combat. Obviously, if you're technology isn't as good as the other guy's, then your aim is to avoid direct combat. Two technology levels of difference is a massive advantage - compare early 21st century to early 20th century for example.

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