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YAGS is released under the GNU Public License, and as such the full set of source documentation is available, as well as the final PDFs above.

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Book Magic

Book Magic is a more advanced form of magic than Rune Magic is. The latter is more natural, the former is man made. It is harder to learn, but a lot more extensive. It is still built on top of the seven elements, but requires the learning of spells. Skill in one does not translate to skill in another.

You must be related to the fey in order to use Book Magic. You also need to be able to read and write, since much of the knowledge comes out of books (hence the term).


There is one art to learn for each element. Learning things for that art is based on intelligence, using the art is based on will.

When casting a spell, roll Will x Art + 1d20.


Each spell has a level, which is a multiple of five. The easiest spells are level 5, the hardest are level 100 or more.

A spell has a fixed set of effects. Effects can be boosted by each extra level of success. You must select how much you are boosting a spell before it is cast, but one factor can be chosen to be the maximum possible. The higher you roll, the better the result will be.

Ranges: Self, Touch, Reach (3m), Near (15m), Short (50m), Medium (100m), Long (200m)

Each boost extends the range by the given amount. So a basic 'Near' spell has a range of 3m, but you can boost it once to extend it to 6m, or twice to extend to 9m etc.

Targets: Self, Individual (1), Few (3), Group (6), Crowd (12)

Area: Point, Small (1m), Medium (3m), Large (5m), Huge (10m)

Duration: Instant, Rounds (1/3/6/12/24), Minutes, Hours, Days

Damage: Minor (+3), Low (+6), Medium (+10), High (+15)

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